Supervised student thesis and lab projects

Explicit OS support for hardware threads

State: Completed

Andrei Poenaru. ETH Zurich. Masters's thesis. March 2017.   [ .pdf ]

Performance analysis and support of SMT threads in the Barrelfish cpu driver.

Dynamic Linking and Loading in Barrelfish

State: Completed

David Keller. ETH Zurich. Bachelor's thesis. August 2015.   [ .pdf ]


Dynamic linking and loading capabilities are an integral part of most modern operating systems. They make the system more modular, enable independent updates of system resources and client applications and save space. This work describes the design and implementation of dynamic linking and loading in Barrelfish – a multikernel research operating system – using its native APIs and build toolchain. The evaluation shows that space can be saved for executables compared to a static linked binary if more than 37 applications share the same set of libraries. A threshold easily met if mandatory system libraries are shared.


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